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  • How To Spot A Bad Or Failing Master Cylinder

    A bad brake master cylinder can result in several issues. Here are some common red flags that indicate a faulty master cylinder: 1. Unusual Brake Pedal Behavior Your brake pedal should reflect any major problems in the sealing or force distribution of your master cylinder.  For example, you might...
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  • How Do Master Cylinders Work

    Most master cylinders have a “tandem” design (sometimes called a dual master cylinder). In the tandem master cylinder, two master cylinders are combined inside a single housing, sharing a common cylinder bore. This allows the cylinder assembly to control two separate hydraulic circuits. Each of t...
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  • Difference between Clutch Bearing and Clutch Concentric Cylinder

    It is becoming more common nowadays to come across what is known as a clutch concentric cylinder in both private cars and commercial vans and trucks. The clutch concentric cylinder is simply a slave cylinder fitted around the gearbox shaft, which does both the jobs of the traditional clutch relea...
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